Asalaam alaykum warahmatullah wabarakatuh,

The Covid 19 Pandemic has posed the greatest crisis recorded in human history. The risks and mitigation actions, have affected livelihoods and normal ways of life.

Within this context; a noble thought was initiated to bring together strong willed individuals and groups for collective action.  The initiative was dubbed The United Front. It is an aggregation of people with an array of skills, resources and knowledge – coming together to fortify our community; to be better prepared and equipped against imminent losses.

We are making this humble request for you to join us in this noble cause. Our planned objectives are summarized as below:

  1. Food Relief program – specific to vulnerable households; priority to those who serve mosques and madrasas
  2. Advocacy and Health Promotion
  • Health talks and trainings
  • Awareness campaigns – Online, Opinion leader engagements, Print & Electronic media
  • Supporting Covid 19 initatives from government, institutions and other groups.
  • Stakeholder representation – Representing community in stakeholder engagements
  • Secondary trauma support to first responders – front line medics
  • PPE Promotion – Sourcing, Distribution and Usage.

These objectives will Inshaa Allah be realized through set up task groups open to volunteers. They are spear headed by skilled brothers and sisters. We are calling out for contribution and participation in resources, skills, manpower and awareness where fit. The United Front has been adopted under the Pwani One Shilling foundation.

For more information reach the below:

Said Mabruk: 0722782647

Samir Rugo: 0722383041

Abdulrahim Omar: 0710331855