The United Front

The United Front – TUF; is an initiative that brings together groups, skilled proffesionals and volunteers to gather collective action to deal with the Human crisis caused by Covid 19. TUF has been adopted to operate under Pwani One Shilling Foundation.

TUF Mission Statement

To aggregate the community’s, groups, proffesionals, volunteers and resources to alleviate dangers posed by Covid 19 pandemic. 

TUF Vision Statement 

Unite community resources, skilled people and youth to build solutions. 


The United Fund Objectives

Food distribution & relief – assist in distribution to vulnerable households.

  1. Specific target are those with livelihoods affected by closure of mosques and madrassas – Imams, Muadhins, Ustadhs and Caretakers. Database available from various institutions.
  2. General target group vulnerable households identifiable through affiliate groups and Institutions.

Advocacy and Health Promotion – To general Population, Service givers & Community influencers

  1. Health talks and trainings – Through direct engagements, production & distribution of electronic + print material.
  2. Quarantine welfare – Work to support and complement on welfare activities in Quarantine centers
  3. Front line givers support – PPE and Psycho social support of first responders.
  4. Participating and Supporting in Government, Key agencies and affiliate group initiatives.
  5. Stakeholder representation – Representing community in stakeholder engagements.
  6. Rally community to come in to support the cause in kind, cash, skills and volunteers.

We are conducting several engagements in support of Community action to alleviate Covid-19 dangers.

Senisitisation on Forums with Community Influencers

Sheikhs, Preachers and Elders. This is done by our Medical Technical team, Public Health officials and TUF mobilizers.

Tactical Support

We are offering operational and skilled support to community groups in activities around the common agenda.

Food Relief Program

To persons that were depending on the closed mosques and madrasas. This is to give support / engage the teachers, imams not to feel driven to reopen subtle operations.

Quarantine Support Activity

We are gathering resources from the community to assist in the welfare to the three quarantine centers.

Psycho Social Support

Through psychologist volunteers; we are in plan to implement our psycho social support to the Quarantine centers and to aggrieved families.

Communication Material

We are producing audio visual and print communication to sensitize on key current issues. We also participating in community engagements through radio and tv.

On Ground Van Activation

We have a branded van that covers specific routes to make sensitization engagements with the general public. The van has trained Community mobilizers engaging the public on:

  • Good practices towards Covid-19 prevention.
  • Encouraging Covid-19 testing
  • Tackling common misconceptions
  • Collecting information gaps to be included in our communication plan and sharing with Public Health officials.

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